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Credit Repair Service in Los Angeles & Southern California

Second Chance Financial has worked with over 50,000 clients over the last two decades with our credit repair service. Our goal is to raise your credit scores in order to help you rebuild your credit. This in turn will allow you to have the best financial future possible. We understand how important a good credit score is in today’s economy. With our repair service to help fix your credit report score, we can help you in achieving your financial expectations. We have a list of affiliates who are familiar with our credit repair, credit report help and debt negotiation service.

How do you get started?

The first step is to call us at (800) 222-0233. At that point, we will give you a free credit consultation. Remember, no two credit reports are the same. We will review your credit report to determine the number of negative items and how recent they occurred. We will also look at the amounts of each negative items and who your credit is with. These factors will determine the cost of correcting your credit.

How does Second Chance Financial raise my credit scores?

Our dispute process is what makes us effective. Our dispute service is customized to each individual’s circumstance. With over twenty years of report repair experience, we have learned what to ask for and what not to say. If an item is verified, we do not give up. We will analyze the credit issue and attack it a different way. This maximizes our success.

We will also help you negotiate any collection accounts that you may have. Disputing does not always work. If an item is verified, we can negotiate a settlement for you. Our goal is to get a deletion letter once we have settled an item for you.

We will also look at your positive credit. We will give you the best advice on how to use your positive credit to maximize your credit score. This is where we differ from other companies. Your credit score is not only determined on how many negatives you have, but also on the positive credit history. If you do not have any positive credit, we can direct you on how to establish credit.

Your credit impacts many areas of your life. Second Chance can help. What are the benefits of having a good credit score?

  • Getting a home loan with a low interest rate. With housing prices down, it is a great time to buy. We work with the industry’s leading mortgage lenders to improve credit scores for purchases and refinancing.
  • Looking for a car. We have seen people pay up to 22% on auto loans. You can save thousands of dollars with good credit. Many of our clients have even qualified for interest rates under 6% after using us.
  • Qualifying for an apartment. With landlords running credit, it is tough to get approved for an apartment without good credit. We have assisted people with getting into an apartment by raising their credit scores.
  • Being approved for a credit card. The way to maximize your credit score is to have positive credit. Having good credit will allow you to be approved for a credit card.

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